Thursday, January 3, 2013

Camper Van Day - 10 Jackson - Arthur's Pass - Christchurch - Auckland

Final day started like yesterday with rain. It was pouring down. We had breakfast and we left the Jackson retreat.

We went to Arthur's pass and it was raining like hell. So we did not get out of the van. But the views were amazing as we could see waterfall all around the mountains. Road was curvy for the first hour. We crossed Arthur's pass village.

Suddenly after Arthur's Pass village there was no rain and after few more kilometers there was proper sun shine. Views were good. We stopped at Castle Hill Rocks. It's limestone rocks in a big area. After a while, rain started, so we left to Christchurch.,_New_Zealand

The drive via Porters Pass was also good. Then via scheffield and Dartfield we reached Christchurch. We were too early than our plan, all because of rain. We thought it will take half an hour to an hour to hand over the Camper Van. But it took just 10 minutes. We drove almost 2300 KM in 10 days.

We were dropped to airport. We had to wait 5 hours for our flight. Landed in Auckland at 8.30 PM. By now realisation seeped in that trip was over. We were back in to our normal regular life. First time we felt the trip was short. Normally after 5 days we feel home sick. So it's over.... it was one of the best trip with best of the locations.... Here are our stay during these 10 days.

I would like to buy a Camper Van of my own, so I can do many more trips like this.